About Us

We are one of the distinguished Scuba diving Centers in Bodrum which has 30 years of Scuba Diving experience, self-proclaimed personnel, well-kept equipments with great condition. With the capacity of 52 people and the length of 18.5 meters, our comfortable  boat Nimet-S can provide you with hot water in its showers and indoor area for scuba diving. Let’s discover the deep blue together with the privilege of quality, comfort and security.

For the ones who want to experience Scuba Diving for the first time;

We sail from Bodrum Halikarnas Pier at 10:00 am everyday. With a short trip of 20 mins, we arrive at the Black Island, our diving site. After receiving your training briefing, you will dive with an expert instructor, one-to-one. Your dive will last minimum 25 mins with a maximum depth of 5 meters. Lunch is a three-course meal and included in the price. You can enjoy the unique blue of Aegean Sea by using the masks, fins and snorkels on the boat in your free time. We also take 12-15 photos and a video of 1-2 mins underwater. After your dive, you can see your photos and videos in our Office on a big screen and buy them written on a CD if you like. While your dive and lunch is included in the price, the only extra things are photos-videos and hot-cold drinks that you can buy from our bar.

For licenced divers;

You will be experiencing Bodrum’s excellent underwater world with two dives in the morning and afternoon. A guide diver from our boat will always be at your assistance on the boat for every scuba diving related issues and guiding you underwater. If you don’t have your scuba diving equipments with you, you can use our equipments for a reasonable fee.

For the ones who want to get a training;

You have an opportunity to get a training on every level of PADI system. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding training related questions.

Please don’t forget to make a reservation for our Daily diving tours at least 1 day before. For more information, you can contact us via our communication channels.